Tuesday, January 31, 2017

It's Time To Party!!! A New 1/1

I was never much of a party person. I prefered keeping a small group of very close friends and spending time with them just hanging out.  I never got into the whole drugs and alcohol thing.  It just wasn't for me.

Topps released 65 cases of Topps Transcendent this year. They retailed for $25,000.

Again, I never partied like that.

If you have $25K for a box of cards good for you. That wasn't for me.

I didn't attend the Topps Party on 1-18-17.  Fortunately one of the people who did attend got an Andrew McCutchen 65th anniversary 1/1 Topps Sapphire Gold originally numbered 1/5.

Notice the 65th Anniversary with the Topps Party date?

And the 1/1 on it (my 119th 1/1)

Well, the card was originally a 1/5.

I've read a few reviews of the party and it sounds like it was actually pretty amazing. You got a box of high end cards (Dynasty, Tribute, etc), an assortment of 1/1 stamped cards that were "buybacks" of precious low numbered cards, rookie reprint autos of some of the greatest to ever play the game (Koufax, Mays, Aaron, Bench, etc) and your picture taken with 2016 NL MVP along with an exclusive Topps Now card commemorating the event with you and Bryant.

For those that love cardboard, that's a hell of a cool party.


  1. Nice! Did this pop up on eBay or did someone track you down?

  2. Thanks guys.
    I grabbed it with a best offer on eBay. I am always looking to add more 1/1s to the PC though.

  3. The big question is what would you have done if the special guest at the party was Cutch........ :)

  4. I've met Cutch a few times at Spring Training games, fanfests, and Fan Picture day. Getting a Topps Now card though? That would be the ultimate 1/1!

  5. That is awesome! The fact that it was 1/5 before it became a 1/1 is even cooler! Congrats!