Friday, January 13, 2017

How much do you know about Tek?

I used to consider myself always at the forefront of wanting the newest technology when I was a teenager and into my early 20s. Now though, I get up to 3 years out of my cellphone before I trade in, have bought a video game system since PlayStation 2, and only last year got myself a tablet (mainly to help catalog cards easier on the couch).

Does this seem normal?

I'm not sure if it is or isn't, but one form of Tek I love is the Topps kind.

Nice segue right?

The 2014 release of Tek somehow didn't include the reigning NL MVP except for a few insert sets.

2015 brought us the full smorgasbord of parallels you can expect from the set. I've gotten many of the different variations and hopefully one day will be able to add more. Cutch was part of Group A and all the various styles that group could be found on.

 The Red /5 are stunning! Check out the backs below to see how bold the colors are.

Much like 2015, Cutch was featured in a lot of the parallels but this time as a Group B player.

I am still working on a lot of these. If anyone sees some of the less common designs (the SSP triangles should be arriving any day), please let me know. I also need the green maze parallel.
The back of this year's design looks like this

I hope you all enjoyed my look at all the Tek cards I have (minus printing plates)

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