Friday, March 10, 2017

A massive addition to the PC

I promised yesterday that I would show off a massive card today and I intend to keep that promise.

Each year, National Treasures tends to be one of my favorite releases due to the quality they put in the product.

2016 NT was no different.  I've already shown some of my cards from this year's release.  This one however is by far, my biggest one yet.  It's so big in fact that when unfolded it didn't fit entirely on my scanner.

It's not as low numbered as other NT cards I have shown, but this card does feature some of my other favorite players in MLB.  Jumbo jersey relics of Anthony Rizzo, Nolan Arenado, and Giancarlo Stanton all join Cutch in this Quad Relics Booklet.

This is my first Arenado relic I have.  I would like to add more in the near future.

I missed out on the two previous ones listed on eBay and when this hit, the seller and I negotiated a deal to get this in my hands for a price what my two missed opportunities went for.

I am grateful that I can cross this off the list now.  The trouble is displaying it.  I just ordered a custom case from hardball34 to get this thing properly displayed.

Three of these Superstars will be on Team USA.  Stanton looks to be starting in Right Field and Arenado will likely be the team's starting 3B.

Tomorrow I will show off my other Stanton cards that I have paired up with Cutch.


  1. Any card with the Rizz on it is a big deal!

    But seriously, sweet pick-up.

  2. Great booklet! I saw a Cutch card at my LCS today and thought of you. Do you have a 2016 Stadium Club Andrew McCutchen Instavision Highlights card numbered to 25?

    1. I don't have a numbered version. Only the standard