Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Subtle differences

As is often the case Topps intentionally creates variations on their Heritage line each year.

Some are a throwback to the original.
Some are a product of drawing interest for their case breakers.

This year there are various backs you can get.

Bright yellow is one of them.

The scan really shows the bold and vibrant "Bright Yellow" variant much better than the naked eye.  As a matter of fact I even sent the seller a message asking if they really sent the right card.

In addition to those, I also have a few other Heritage variants.

The blue border, color swap logo, and base are on the top row.
The base chrome, refractor chrome, and blue border chrome are on the bottom.

The Color Swap variant has a yellow back.

In addition to those variants there is also a Flip Stock variant.  These are very cool, but very difficult to spot in a top loader.  The flip stock is exactly what it sounds like.  The stock on the cards have been flipped.  The front is a rougher stock similar to a matte finish.  The back is a smooth glossy finish.

The left is the base.  The right is flip stock.

I have some more Heritage rolling in soon.  A couple relics and an insanely rare Case Hit!

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