Saturday, March 4, 2017

Breaking News: #JHayAllDayJoinsTeamUSA

It was announced today that Josh Harrison will take the place of injured Cardinal Matt Carpenter on the Team USA WBC games.  He will join Pirates teammate Andrew McCutchen on Monday.

Today seems like a good day to show off my Cutch cards I have pairing up with the runner-up for the 2014 NL Batting Title.

Since I just mentioned that JHay was a runner up for the 2014 NL Batting Title, I will just redirect you to where I showcased all the parallels I have of the NL League Leaders 2015 Topps card #127.  You can see the 3 printing plates, silver framed, and other parallels by clicking here.

I showed the limited Glossy and Pink/50 yesterday which you can see here as part of my big COMC order bringing my Cutch PC over 1,500 unique cards.

Above is the Heritage League Leaders card from 2015 Topps Heritage.

Cutch and JHay have been the focus of team cards since Harrison had his 2014 breakout season.

They've been dubbed
Pittsburgh Pirates Clubbers.

And River City Rakers

And Pirates Mateys.

They've also appeared on a few relic cards together.  The first of these cards was an All-Star triple jersey that also featured Yasiel Puig.

Triple Threads has recently had a large amount of Josh Harrison cards in it's release.
To this point though only one pairing has been made of Cutch and JHay.
The rarest of them is my 1/1 triple jersey which has a 2014 Postseason patch of JHay on it.

I am really excited to watch the WBC especially when the Dominican Republic plays team USA.  Lots of Pirates will appear in that game.

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  1. Great cards! The patches on that Triple Threads cards are fantastic!