Friday, March 3, 2017

The Big COMC Order Arrives: Officially Over 1,500 Now!

About ten days ago I placed an order for 93 cards to be delivered by COMC.  Many of them had been sitting in my cart for months.  Of the 93 cards, only 9 were NOT Andrew McCutchen cards.  7 are for my brother.  The other two were purple refractors of Nolan Arenado.

So what's that mean for my Cutch collection?  Well, quite simply...

84 new cards were added to the Cutch PC.  84!!!!

This brings my new total of unique Cutch cards to 1,577.

When I started collecting Cutch, I didn't think I would ever get to a total close to that.

This latest batch gets me closer to several rainbows.

Let's take a look at the batch by year.

The biggest joy from this group is the number of Bowman Chrome cards added to get closer to the rainbow.  A few Triple Threads parallels, some inserts, and a pair of Bowman Platinum that are relatively easy to acquire.  The Tops Tek Peak variant is only 1 per case.  I didn't scan the Tribute base card.  I've shown that in the past when showing off other low numbered parallels of the same cards.

There were a number of parallels that I need from the various number of Cutch flagship cards (League Leaders, All-Star Game, and Series 2).  The base looking cards are actually the Limited Glossy parallels.  A pair of Triple Threads color parallels to go with the base gave me a nice trio of new additions.  The Purple Ice is numbered to only 50 and is a beautiful card in hand.  A pair of Bowman's Best (gold /50 and green /99) to go with the Superfractor i already had in my possession helps get closer to completing the rainbow.  I have been seeking out as many 2015 Allen & Ginter buybacks as possible. I was excited to add this 2010 AG to the PC.  I also grabbed another Heritage for the team set.

These pickups were all about adding 5 new Donruss cards to the PC.  The Diamond Kings was a base.  The others are statistical cards along with a Gold Press Proof/99.  The Topps Chrome Topps Shelf is a card I must have lost in auctions with Free shipping nearly a dozen times. Very happy to finally add this to the collection for only a bit over $1.  The Diamond Dominance is the Prizm parallel.

A bunch of color parallels spotlight these 5 cards.  The Orange Finest is /99.  Oddly enough the card that finally brought me to submit my order was the Bowman Platinum Ruby (not sequentiality numbered).  I don't know if these are short printed, but this lil bugger always sells for over $7.  It's a gorgeous Atomicy looking card.  I grabbed this Ruby for only $2.


2 Black parallels and 2 more Contenders Season Tickets

Only 4 new cards here.  The Gold Finest is /50 and the Gold Triple Threads is /99.  The Bowman Platinum is the refractor numbered to 999.

I had the Heritage but needed an extra one for my Heritage binder.  The 2009 Chrome is funny cause I have the Superfractor (1/1), two copies of the Gold (/50), and a Blue (/199).  Didn't have that base though.  Now I do.  A perforated Ticket to Stardom and a Gold (/2009) close out my newest 2009 additions.

Finally a trio of Pre Debut cards

So there you have it.  What do you all think?  Did I do well?


  1. I still have to scan in a few of the"hits" from the group, but yeah this recent purchase got me over 1500 and actually closer to 1600.

  2. Holy crap-- Congrats! That is seriously impressive!

  3. Wow! 1500!!! How many total cards does he have? That is awesome!