Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Show!

When a player makes it to the Major Leagues, it's commonly referenced as "making it to the show."

Thanks to a strong social media presence in late 2012 Andrew McCutchen was able to garner enough votes to become the face of the video game franchise The Show (actual autograph on case below).

Over the years, Cutch has also had cardboard reference his video game presence.

My favorite is a 2013 Triple Tnreads card citing the game.


  1. I imagine it's one heckuva thrill to see yourself on the cover of the video game. Also, it's pretty cool to see that they referenced that fact on that Triple Threads relic - holy cross promotion, Batman!

  2. That cross-reference is pretty cool. I forgot McCutchen made it on the cover.

  3. If I remember correctly, there's a few other cards that talk about Cutch being on the front of the video game.