Monday, March 27, 2017

Gypsy Minis

With Gypsy Queen set to release this week, let's take a look back at some prior years cards.  All week I will be showing Gypsy Queen cards including some super rare and mega (and mini) hits.

One thing I always liked about Gypsy Queen was the minis.

I won't get any satisfaction from the 2017 release because Topps has pulled minis from the release.

Here are all my Gypsy Queen releases by year


The red is by far the rarest of my minis I own for this year.  It is numbered to only 5 copies.  I also have the gold/yellow on it's way.  Still need the regular and green though (/99).


I really liked the design for this year.   In terms of the minis I have the base, silver, and photo variant.


Another year with photo variants.  I also have the black, regular, and sepia variant.


This year's collection I have so far features a black, sepia, base, and photo variant of Cutch.


I have the most minis from 2012.  The base, Straight Cut back, sepia, black, and photo variant along with

The Sliding Stars insert mini


The begining of it all.  Only a Gypsy Queen Red back and base have entered my collection so far.

Here are the backs of all the base minis

Will you all miss the minis from Gypsy or do you prefer minis to only be in Allen & Ginter?


  1. I didn't know beforehand that they weren't going to be any minis in this years GQ until I opened a blaster.I noticed with the first pack and was a little disappointed, but I'm actually not a huge fan of minis just because of how hard it is to store and display.

  2. I got a 1/2 inch binder with tobacco size pages and pages that hold 5x7 inch Topps cards.