Saturday, March 11, 2017

Walk Off Hero: More Team USA cards

The past few days I have been showing off some pairings of Team USA teammates with Cutch.

I already showed a massive Quad jumbo jersey with Arenado, Stanton, Cutch, and Rizzo.

I have also shown some of my JHay cards paired with Cutch when it was announced the teammates would join Team USA.

Today I thought I would show off a few other of my Cutch pairings.

To start, I guess it makes sense to highlight Adam Jones.  Both players have had similar career paths so far, having both been to multiple All-Star appearances, playing Center field, similar career numbers, and helping to lead their teams back to being perenial postseason contenders.

Last night Adam Jones was key for the success of Team USA beating Columbia in extra innings.

As you can see I have a lot of combo cards of Cutch with Adam Jones.  The booklet you are about to see is one of my favorite booklets I own.

Next up could very well be this generation's greatest catcher.  Buster Posey is on a Hall of Fame career path having already won 3 World Series, an MVP, batting title, Rookie of the Year, and 4 time All-Star.  

The card above also features fellow USA teammate Giancarlo Stanton and Cutch on the back.  This card is an absolute monster.  The patches on this card are absolutely nasty too!!!!  And there's only 10 of them produced.

I have a few other Giancarlo pairings which can be seen below.

My final Team USA pairing with Cutch is Andrew Miller.
Miller became a recognizable name after last year's postseason as he mowed down his opponents while winning the ALCS MVP. 

Only 2 of these uncirculated dual autographs from Just Minors were produced.  I have seen the other pop up on eBay, but have no desire to grab it.

There are actually a bunch of Just Minors dual autos and triple autos of Cutch being sold by Stonersports that I need.  I just don't go after them very aggressively because they always seem to be available.


  1. Dude... your Cutch collection is insane. I'm sure even he would be impressed.

  2. Thanks Fuji. I'm too shy to post it on Twitter tho and tag him

  3. Dang! Awesome cards! I love button cards!