Monday, April 10, 2017

From Millville to MVP

Did anyone watch the MLB Presents Special on Mike Trout last night?

Having spent my entire life in New Jersey I have always had a soft spot for NJ born ballplayers.  Clearly Mike Trout is the biggest name in recent years to come from the Garden State.

I once thought about collecting Trout when he was putting up MVP numbers in his rookie season.  I thought they were too expensive back then at $50 a base Bowman auto.  Man, do I wish I stocked up on them.

Here's all the Trout relics I have with Cutch.

It's not officially licensed, but this Hits Memorabilia Royalty card features the inner lining of a Bryce Harper Spring Training hat, a Cutch Spring Training jersey, a Mike Trout batting glove, and a Ken Griffey Jr.  Reds jersey.

This was a card that took a long time for me to add to my collection, but I am so happy I did.

These next few I have shown off recently when discussing Cutch's Team USA teammates.

This is still one of the nicest multirelic cards I own.

To wrap things up is a Triple Threads relic that features Cutch, Justin Upton, and Trout.

So there you have it.
All my Trout relics


  1. Those are pretty damn good. I had no idea Hits Memorabilia made their own cards.

    1. Nor did I - you learn something new everyday, eh?

  2. Damn fine collection. It's seriously drool worthy.