Tuesday, April 18, 2017

I'd like to buy a vowel

Normally when I show off a letter nameplate patch, I show off the image of Katy Perry in an Elmo shirt from the Saturday Night live skit.

Today though, I'm going old school with Wheel of Fortune.

I needed a vowel.

So I bought an "E"

This is my 20th 1/1 letter patch of Cutch.

It's my first grey away jersey letter nameplate I own.


  1. 20th 1/1 letter patch? That's sweet. Do you have all of the different letters to spell out his last name?

  2. I do. They aren't all from the same set, but yes I do.

  3. That is awesome! Can't believe you have 20! I would love to own a Goldschmidt one someday.