Thursday, April 6, 2017

PWE from the Lost Collector

AJ from the Lost Collector sent me an email with a picture of a 2017 retro McCutchen base card, wondering if I already had it.  I told him that I had a few of the parallels, but not the base.

A few days later I received this along with a 2017 Donruss Starling Marte.
This card goes nicely with my other parallels
From left to right
Season Statline (HRs)/24, Aqueous Test Back /49,Gold Press Proof /99
Silver border/199, Career Statline(OBP) /381, Pink Back

Thank you so much for contributing to the Cutch PC, AJ.  I have several packages going out this week and yours is one of them.


  1. Any time I can contribute to your Cutch collection - even a measly base card - feels like a big accomplishment!

  2. When trying for a rainbow I've found that the base is usually one of the last ones that I end up getting.