Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Beltran vs. Cutch: Familar Stats?

Carlos Beltran, a twenty year veteran announced his retirement yesterday.  He finished his career with 2,725 hits over 1,500 RBI and Runs, 435 HR, and 312 Stolen Bases.  He is just the 4th switch hitter with over 400 HRs and 5th player to be a member of the 400/300 club.  He won 3 Gold Gloves and 2 Silver Slugger awards.  He won the Rookie of the Year award and also was the recipient of the Roberto Clemente Award.  He never finished in the top 5 for MVP voting, but did receive votes over his years.

Andrew McCutchen was on a Hall of Fame career path before falling off slightly in 2016.  With 9 years in his career by age 30 season let's compare Cutch's career to Beltran's through their age 30 seasons as you will see Cutch and Beltran's careers through age 30 are very similar.

Beltran had 10 years as an official big leaguer on the back of his baseball card by age 30 compared to Cutch's 9.

Games played
Beltran 1,320
Cutch 1,346
Cutch has been more durable throughout his career thus far then Beltran was.

At Bats
Beltran 5,113
Cutch 5,033
With less games played Beltran had more at bats.  This mainly is because of Cutch's plate discipline to take a walk.

Beltran 1,433
Cutch 1,463
Fewer ABs and more Hits lead Cutch to have a higher batting average .291 vs .286

Beltran 278
Cutch 292
Cutch has the slight advantage with singles and doubles.

Beltran 58
Cutch 44
Beltran has a bigger advantage here

Beltran 236
Cutch 203
Beltran hit more homeruns by age 30 and would go on to hit another 199 before he chose to retire.

Stolen Bases
Beltran 250
Cutch 171
Beltran was a member of the 30-30 club and would go on to steal double digits bags through his mid 30s.

Beltran 591
Cutch 685
Cutch is the better hitter in terms of plate discipline.  It's also because he has been in lineups that don't have much protection around him.

Beltran .354/.496/.850
Cutch .379/.487/.866
Very similar stats here folks.  Beltran has slightly more slugging, but Cutch has the higher on base percentage leading to a higher OPS.

As you can see Cutch's career path to this point is very similar to the (potential) future Hall of Famer Carlos Beltran.

In the 2013 All-Star game Cutch came in to pinch run for Carlos Beltran.  As Beltran left CitiField (a place he called home for nearly a decade) he received a standing ovation.

Cutch quickly took aim to leave his mark on the city by stealing second base.

With Beltran's playing career now over, do you think he makes it in the Hall of Fame during his 10 year limit on the ballot?


  1. I think he gets in. He didn't have that decade of dominance that many voters look for, but he aged really well as he was pretty much an above average player all the way up until his age 38 season. He also made 220 mil during his career!

  2. Beltran gets in, maybe on the third or fourth try. Not only do his stats merit it, but he is a pretty good person by all accounts and had a good relationship with the media, which goes a long way. Of course, the guardians of the first ballot will make him wait a few years.

    I just wonder if he goes in as a Royal or a Met?

  3. He had a very impressive career. I'm with BWTP... I think he eventually gets in too.

  4. I think he'll probably get it. Of course when will all depend on who else is on the ballot too. Too bad he didn't reach any of those magic numbers, like 3000 hits or 500 HRs. But still a very long respectable career. And that McC patch card is crazy. You have such nice things.

  5. Interesting how closely they compare. I think he’ll make it in, especially being a switch hitter.