Monday, November 27, 2017

When was Willie McCovey a Pirate?

I know errors have existed since the beginning of trading cards.  I accept that we aren't perfect and the people that get paid to do their jobs sometimes fail at them.

Because I primarily focus on just Collecting Cutch, Charlie Morton, Roberto Clemente, and Flagship/Heritage Team sets I often don't see all the unknown printing errors that may occur.

Making errors for low budget card sets is one thing, but for packs that cost hundreds of dollars for a handful of cards I feel there should be more quality control.

Panini put out their Immaculate release a few months ago and although I have some of the higher end hits, I finally secured one of the base cards, albeit the red parallel numbered to 25. I still need the base, blue, gold, and Platinum.

Recently Topps has produced some very high end patches upside and backwards in both their Triple Threads and Dynasty releases.  I'm grateful that my Cutch All-Star booklet patch from 2015 was produced properly.

One thing that really bothers me is when legendary players are spelled incorrectly.
This is how you spell Stargell


This is how Panini spelled Stargell on the back of Cutch's 2017 Immaculate card

Willie McCovey was a great ball player, but Stretch never played in the Steel City.  He also only compiled four seasons of 20 doubles and 20 hr seasons.

With Cutch's 2017 campaign he now has 7 seasons of 20 doubles and 20 round trippers under his belt.


  1. That migth be the coolest Cutch card I've ever seen...the front of it, at least. What a stupid mistake about the Willies though.

    1. Just a little quality control would be awesome for a set that costs hundreds of dollars per pack.

  2. Ugh. Well at least the card looks nice.

  3. WOW! This is what you get when 20-25 year olds are doing the graphics. Whoever did this may not even know who either Willie is. RIP to Willie McCovey and Wilver "Willie Stargell, both are laughing from above.