Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Cutch: Ragnarok!

I have always been interested in Norse mythology.  I think it started when I went to Epcot as a kid and got to ride the Viking ship.  The part of the ride that suddenly goes backward was so much fun when I was just 11 years old.

I bring this up because Thor: Ragnarok was released over the weekend!!!!  I'm a huge Marvel Cinema fan and am really looking forward to this movie, which I am on my way to see soon.

Let's take a look at some of the key characters from Ragnarok and see if I have any Cutch cards that can tie into the movie.

Thor, God of Thunder

This was a no brainer.  This 2013 Select Thunder Alley (and all the color parallels) lends itself perfectly to the main character.  I showed it off last Friday so it may look familiar.


When you think of the Incredible Hulk there are probably two words that come to mind, "Hulk SMASH!!!". The Hulk is green just like this 2015 Donruss Dominator insert numbered to 999.

Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme

The Sorcerer Supreme is a master of the mystic arts.  Conjuring up a variety of astral images, the Doctor is clearly into Illusions, just like these 2016 Optic Illusions inserts and parallels.


The step brother to Thor, Loki is a shape shifter that is known to cause mischief and havoc while being very manipulative.  I was trying to find a card where Cutch was up to some mischief.  This 2012 Topps photo variant looks like Cutch and the Parrot are up to no good in the outfield.

Thor Clone aka Ragnarok

The Thor Clone will be appearing in Thor: Ragnarok as one of the featured villains.  There's a circuit board design in 2015 Topps Tek that features a really cool background that's perfect for the villain.

Lady Sif

One of the greatest female warriors in the Marvel Universe, Lady Sif knows how to swing a sword to defeat her enemies.  This 2012 Bowman Cutting Edge Stars has the same razor sharp edges as the Asgardian Warrior.


Also known as Brunnhilde, Valkyrie was selected by Lord Odin to lead the Valkyrior.  The sword wielding warrior is like a Marshall for the Asgards.  I've shown this Diamond Marshall before, but it represents her role nicely.


When you think of Hell, you likely have images of fire and pain.  I have a few readers that have sent me some 2017 Topps Fire cards in the mail, but for now I am going to just show off the insert from last year's Update Series insert.

Thanks everyone for checking out my Cutch cards and how I see them relating to some of the key characters from Thor: Ragnarok.

I encourage anyone to do a post featuring a card and try to make it have some Thor: Ragnarok tie ins.  Please no spoilers about the movie here though.  I won't be seeing it until tonight.

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  1. That ride is gone now, replaced by a Frozen ride. I haven't been down there to see it yet.