Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Not a specific game relic celebrating a specific game

We all know the story

This relic is not from a specific game

The front of the card celebrates a specific game though.

How could a relic become better?

What if Topps started inserting lineup card relics in their products from specific games?

Topps Now has been very successful with putting base relics for their cards.  Could lineup cards or scorecards or programs be equally successful?

Leave your comments below. 


  1. That would be cool! There were products with ticket stubs a few years back, I think.

  2. Fleer used to include box score clippings from specific games which were really cool. So I'm sure lineup cards would interest at least a handful of collectors like myself.

  3. I think lineup cards would be really cool! Easy to tie to a specific game. Piece could be big or small. Getting the name of a favorite player would be awesome. Autograph of the manager. They can be had for fairly cheap, so it would be a win for Topps and collectors.