Friday, November 3, 2017

Golden Thunder

I got A LOT of new cards to show off since my pink cards Save The Boobies event is over.

I got the above card back in late September.  It ties in perfectly with Thor: Ragnarok which premieres today.

It also goes nicely with the base and prizm

And it's numbered to only 25 copies.

I have a ritual of waiting until Wednesday after a movie premieres to go to the matinee  and catch a film for only $5.  Wednesdays are usually my only day off and a lot of the sci-fi, action movies don't interest the lady friend.

Join me next Wednesday as I show off some cards and how they relate to Thor, Hulk, Loki, Hell, Doctor Strange, Lady Syf, etc.


  1. Whoa. Never seen these. Those three together look amazing.

  2. Those look cool. I haven't seen those. Wonder if Griffey exists

  3. Great looking card. Normally not a fan of Panini baseball stuff... but this car is a beauty.