Thursday, June 28, 2018

9 1/1:Another Contest Response

Dan at It's Like Having My Own Card Shop is currently running a contest to celebrate his 9th year blogging.  9 YEARS!!!  That's incredible.

The theme of the contest can be anything, but to show off 9 cards.

I was stewing with this for a bit.  9 cards?


Well I did a favorite 10 cards of your favorite player contest last year so that is out.  The list has changed slightly, but not enough to warrant an entry in a contest.

Let's see....there is 9 letters in McCutchen and I have at least one card for each letter.  Maybe I show them off by letter for how many I have?
But then I started thinking about technicalities and are the two cards below considered to be Ns? The full letter isn't there.  And what exactly do I do with the A&G cabinet card that is my favorite card of all time.  How many Cs does that account for?

Clearly the letter thing wasn't going to work for me.

I thought I could show my favorite pairings at each position with Cutch.  There is 9 positions in baseball.  That would be kind of cool...but wait....we just did a blog bat around very similar to that.  I didn't have any catcher autos to show off with Cutch and honestly how many more times do I have to post this 9 patch relic of Cutch with Buster Posey, Clayton Kershaw, Mike Trout, Giancarlo Stanton, Robinson Cano, Miguel Cabrera, Jose Abreu, and Troy Tulowitzki.  Hasn't enough been shown already?

9 cards.  I needed to come up with 9 cards to highlight...
9 unique cards that I haven't shown off a bajillion times before.
9 cards of my favorite player.

Damn this is hard.
Then it hit me.

I will show off the 9 cards I have posted about that got ZERO comments on them prior to this post and rank them.

We can call case you missed it.

So here they are my favorite 9 cards you may have missed from this blog.

Teach me how to APBA


Cinco de Mayo

Dated Material 5-7-15

English indy Rock Tunes in my Head

Getting Ridiculous

Wait....I don't have 9 worthy posts that people didn't leave comments on?  You guys are super awesome on my blog.  Fricking super awesome!!!!

How about if I just show off 9 cards that feature the MLB Logoman?  Is that a cop out? To just show off 9 ridiculously sick patches in one post?

We all love baseball, right?
The MLB Logoman has been an iconic fixture in the sport since 1969.

This card has leaped it's way into my Top 10 favorite cards as it is a 1/1 with a logoman and autograph.  It is the only signed card with a logoman that Topps has produced of Cutch over the years.
Having the laundry tag from a workout jersey for Cutch's 1st All Star Game is pretty cool.
Having the sleeve patch from his first start at an All Star Game is equally cool.
The laundry tag from the same game? Sure...why not?
I love 2015 Strata.  I have almost 40 patches from the release of Cutch, but none are better than this one of one.

This next card is coming soon as there was a delay with my package from Probstein.  The Strata goes nicely with the rest of the collection and the card you saw above.

These 3 logomen below I have shown a few times in the past so I won't go into great detail about them.

So there is 9 1/1s containing a Logoman.
Thanks for the contest Daniel.  I had fun with yesterday's post and today's.

For anyone that may want a logoman, but don't have the money to lay down for a 1/1 I suggest looking into the 2011 Topps manufactured patch.  The cards look like the one you can see below.
The manufactured relic set features 100 of the game's greatest stars from the past along with the game's futire stars.  They are serially numbered to 50 so quantities can be limited, but the design is great.


  1. Nine 1 of 1 logomans? Have you been featured Beckett Baseball magazine yet? I remember they used to write articles on super collectors back in the day. You should be featured in an article.

    1. I haven't been featured. I have thought about submitting, but honestly I just don't feel like writing an article or answering questions. I think my Cutch collection is one of the better single player collections out there, but I am happy with my little blogging side of the world.

    2. I don't think they do that anymore sadly. I was featured for my Griffey one once but it doesn't even come to inches of your Cutch one

  2. Wow. That Ginter nameplate is amazing

  3. Wow! Just wow! So many sweet cards! That Triple Threads ll-star patch is amazing! By the don't have any posts now without a comment.

    1. Thanks. And well played on the comments Sir. You win!