Friday, June 8, 2018

Mission Accomplished

Shortly after Cutch was traded there was a 1st Buzz Look at the 2018 Diamond Kings release.  Despite the lack of team logos, Diamond Kings is one of my favorite releases each year.  I love the art look of the set.

One of the early previews showed an Andrew McCutchen dual patch autograph card.  I knew I had to acquire this card.

While it isn't the exact dual patch card I originally saw I am so pumped to add my 150th unique autograph of Cutch to the collection.
The low print run with both a bat and patch relic combined with the artistic feel of this card make it my favorite card of 2018 so far, but that will definitely change once a card I ordered arrives.

The back is just as visually appealing as the front.

In case you didn't click the link for the preview here is the original card that caught my eye.
This initial preview mock design features two jersey patches along with a less cropped image of Cutch.

This autograph marks my third auto of Cutch I showed this week joining the 1/1 logoman from Wednesday and triple auto with Jay Bruce and Troy Tulowitzki from Monday.


  1. Nice Addition. I love the look of the new Diamond Kings and Donruss sets, with the bright colors and designs, but of course they would always look better with a logo