Saturday, June 30, 2018

First Look: 2018 Triple Threads

The late summer previews are starting to flood in with more Cutch cards being previewed in his new SF Giants gear.

Similar to other preview posts I will show off the Cutch card shown and will make a prediction if I add it to my collection.

The 2018 Triple Threads card shown for Cutch in the preview is the 1/1 Ruby parallel.  To date I only have 1 Ruby in my PC of Cutch who will be making his 9th year in the release.  The Rubys as you can imagine based on the fact they are 1/1s are extremely tough to get.  If the card hits the secondary market for a reasonable price I will likely pick it up.

I like the design for this year's look, but it has too many similarities to a flagship design for me.


  1. IMO, this is the nicest looking Triple Threads set yet. I'll have to pick up some Red Sox singles on COMC.

    Good luck catching the Cutch ruby!