Sunday, June 10, 2018

Yes, I am still here

Life has run me to the point where I literally feel like all I am doing is just working and sleeping.  

I have a one way commute to work of roughly 70 minutes a day.  
Add in 10 hour days of work with an hour lunch break and another 70 minute commute back home (worse during the summer because of the jersey shore traffic).
Multiply that by 6 days a week.
Add in a few surgeries and too many doctor appointments to count for the LadyCollectingcutch.
And that basically leaves me just a few hours to vegg out before rinse and repeat.

I am looking forward to the end of school as my staff will almost double in size and the high school/college kids will be eager to get summer jobs and I can actually return to normalcy if that is even a thing still.

I do most of my blogging on my lunch break and try my best to read some of my favorite blogs during that time too.

If I haven't been commenting like I used to, I am still here and still very much enjoy the readings that you all provide me and other cardboard fans with.

Despite the lack of comments, I am still there....

Just like this card I am going to show below
2013 marked the return of the product known as Pinnacle.
As a kid I LOVED Pinnacle and all the inserts that came with it.

I don't remember Pinnacle being known for their parallels except the rare "dufex" technology for the museum proofs or whatever they were called.

2013 Pinnacle offered a bunch of tough to notice parallels though
Can you notice what makes this card different from the base?

Well, you have to look really close because the manufacturer chose to use blue foil on a black background.

Now can you see it if I use the magic pen lens on my tablet?

The back is identical to the base.


  1. Hope things calm down for you soon and everything goes well with LadyCollectingCutch. I can relate a bit with the busy schedule right now. Sweet card!

  2. Hope things slow down buddy. Still have a few cards to send your way when I get the chance :)

  3. Hoping things go so good for you that Chasing 3000 gets revived!

    1. I have probably 200 cards that need to be scanned and blogged about. Thanks for inspiring me to get back at it.

  4. Oof rough commute! I know that feeling though of having no time for anything but eat and sleep.

  5. Hearing of that daily schedule, I'm amazed that you are able to blog on weekly basis, let alone a daily basis. I very much hope that the missus is either done with, or close to being done with, her recent medical problems.