Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Sketch Cards Collection

I have talked about my sketch card collection a few times on here before.

Back in February I begin to tinker with building my own site to show off all my Cutch cards broken down by year.  I also made tabs for relics, autographs, sketch cards, printing plates, etc.

I have not been very productive at getting the site up and running.  I barely have enough time to scan a few cards for this blog.

However I did get most of my sketch cards scanned in.  They consist of pack pulled cards in addition to artist proof commissions.

In time I will have the artist links working as well.
Click here to see the small but growing collection.  I do have a few more coming in over the next month or so.

I love the Juan Rosales card pictured above.  Juan captured the joy of Cutch's 1st career Grand Slam perfectly.  He is in the process of getting 3 more sketch cards made for me (Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and Team USA) all for different series (Series 2 Topps, Museum Collection, Leaf Pastime).  Really looking forward to gettimg those in hand.


  1. The one with the relic in the middle is pretty cool!

    1. The 2015 which is a better sketch hit eBay last year and I missed out on it unfortunately.

  2. I don't add many to my collection, but sketch cards are one of my favorite things to collect.