Sunday, June 24, 2018

Number 11...the tale of another 1/1

The past two days looked like days that Andrew McCutchen should win the Home Run challenge for me.  He was facing two lefties (Clayton Richard and Jordan Lyles) that he has had a lot of success with against the past. Prior to the weekend series Cutch had 15 at bats against the San Diego southpaws.  He had 4 HRs of his 8 hits against them.  His batting average was over .500 and had an insanely high OPS.

I certainly didn't think Cutch would go just 1 for 6.

I just picked up 5 more of the HR challenge cards from Burbank Sports Cards.

I have currently used 11 of these challenge cards and have failed on every one regretably.  Fortunately people are listing the prized cards and I won one.

A series of cards that I haven't failed at?


Say hello to number 11

My 11th Superfractor is a sub par grade (only a BGS 9) from 2013 Topps Chrome Dynamic Die Cuts.

Obviously being a Superfractor it is a 1/1.


  1. This is the first time that I've seen a die-cut superfractor, and I didn't even know that they made such things. You mentioned the subpar grade, which made me wonder, does anyone really care what the grade is on a 1/1? I mean it's not like someone can hold out and wait for another copy in better condition to come up.