Friday, June 29, 2018

I Was There!

There have been only 2 games I was at that have been turned into Topps Now cards.

I was also at a game that was used for Russel Martin's 2013 Topps Chrome card (and consequently seen in background). 

I also attended a game that was used for an Andrew McCutchen insert where he is signing a yellow Pirates helmet prior to a "Spring Training" game at Citizen's bank park. 

That's it though. Only 4 known games.
Only 2 Topps Now cards sadly.

The first lead to the most expensive Topps Now base card ever produced.  That was the 2016 season opener and the birthplace of the Now program.  Francisco Liriano was selected to be card number 1 as he was the first person to hit an RBI in the 2016 season.  Much like many other years I was at the Pirates home opener.

The second was Andrew McCutchen's return to Pittsburgh.

I was so happy they chose an image like this instead of a random batting photo.  This stadium was rocking!!!  It might have actually been louder than the 2013 playoff game.

Cutch would go on to have an outfield assist and go 1 for 4 at the plate with a double.

Have you attended any games turned into Topps Now cards? Did you buy the cards for the memories?


  1. So that Martin Topps Chrome is your rookie cars your saying lol

  2. I tell myself the only time I would buy a Topps Now card would be if I was ever at a game. I don't get to go to many though, so it probably won't happen.

  3. I don't know if I've ever been to a game that landed on a Topps Now card. But based on the way this was shot I'm probably in the background on this 1971 Vada Pinson Topps card. Somewhere behind the dust that is.