Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Value from a Case break

I don't join too many player breaks because often times the reward isn't worth the risk.

However, sometimes deals just present themselves that are too good to pass up.

For $5 delivered I was the winner for an 8 box/1case player break of Andrew McCutchen.  My winning bid got me a base card and a blue refractor numbered to 150.
Here's the screenshot of the Cutch blue being pulled.

With no insert cards, no autographs, no relics, it's no wonder the break for Cutch went so cheap.  Basically people were gambling on pulling a color parallel.  For $5 delivered and 8 cases to break I knew I would hit at least a base card and it would be fun to watch the break unfold hopimg to see someone pull an Otani or Albies mojo hits.  At worse I overpay by about $4 for a base card.  I am willing to take that risk.