Saturday, August 18, 2018

Deep Blue "See 2"

I will be the first to admit I have a strange fascination with sharks.  Every year I get super excited for watching shark week on Discovery Channel.  Shortly after shark week is over, the SyFy channel runs a week of animal creature feature movies.  This week has been all about the sharks as the channel is nearing the debut of Sharknado 6: It's About Time.

The Sharknado movies are so ridiculous you either can't watch them and view them as stupid OR you can't not watch them.  I fall in the second category.  The movies are so bad I have to watch them.

Other movies shown this week include Trailer Park Shark, Santa Jaws, Toxic Shark, and so many more.

Today will feature Six Headed Shark Attack.  I am sure it will be award worthy viewing.

Last night though I was glued to the TV watching Deep Blue Sea 2.
The original Deep Blue Sea featured a bunch of well known actors like Thomas Jane, Samuel L Jackson, Michael Rappaport, and the great LL Cool J.

This movie didn't feature the same star cast.

Part of the reason I was attracted to the movie is because of Danielle Savre.

Ok, that was the main reason

besides wanting to see if any sharks would be biting the heads off people.


What is your favorite shark movie?

I was looking at my collection FINALLY begining to scan in all the cards from 2005 when I realized that one of Cutch's most prized 1st year cards I have uniquely numbered 22/150.

I should really try and figure out how many Cutch cards I have numbered 22/xx

The blue refractor ties in very nicely with the Deep Blue 2 theme

With October just a little over 40 days away I have begun putting together a bunch of cards not shown last year along with a few beautiful women to help highlight them.  I could have saved Ms. Savre for that feature, but hey it's the summer and SHARKS!!!!

Similar to last year I am also putting together a great contest this year.  Stay tuned as we near September for all the details.


  1. I love the San Jose Sharks. Not exactly the same thing... but oh well. Never seen or heard of Danielle Savre, but she's very photogenic.

  2. I definitely watched Jaws the other night and pretty much catch it once a year.

  3. Jaws is a classic. You have to enjoy that one