Thursday, August 16, 2018

They already ate the cake?

In case you may have missed it...

The Dodgers and Giants got into a brawl Tuesday night.

Andrew McCutchen took to instagram Wednesday to describe it.
You can read the article and hear his instagram play by play of the whole thing here.  It's well worth the click to hear Cutch get animated about the event and say things like:

I looked around and it was like a tornado, but it was just the bullpen running in.

I decided to join them and start running.

I thought about doing a karate pose...but I didn't.

Being in the outfield during a brawl is like a kid showing up to a birthday party late.  It's like you're coming in all excited, and they went and already ate all the cake.

Cutch is a funny dude.  I miss his personality in the clubhouse for the pregame and postgame interviews and features.

The only new card to the collection of this bunch is the Big League Caricature.  I got it for $1. The others were all scanned as part of a future post I am working on and they helped tell the story of what Cutch was talking about on instagram.