Wednesday, August 1, 2018

We Got Archer!

We have heard the Chris Archer to Team X for the past few trade deadlines and offseasons.
The cost for acquiring the 2015 All Star and Cy Young candidate was steep as the Pirates traded away one of their top prospects, Austin Meadows, right handed pitcher Tyler Glasnow, and a PTBNL.  Meadows and Glasnow both have All-Star potential, but have had struggles early in their youmg careers.

Most of the early reports say the price for Archer was too much to give up.  While I wish that only one of Glasnow or Meadows was required to get Archer, the Pirates got a cost controlled pitcher for the next 4 post season runs.  The best part of the acquisition is that they were able to keep Archer away from Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Louis.

If Archer can return to his 2015 All-Star season, the Pirates have a feature ace for a Wild Card game.
In other trade news, Andrew McCutchen wasn't traded by the Giants today.
Cutch hit a HR off Archer in the 2015 ASG.  It was Cutch's last plate appearance in an All-Star Game.
I feel like the Pirates got the golden ticket and a true difference maker in this year's trading deadline.
I still need a few more parallels from the 2015 Update Series where Cutch is coming home after his laser shot to left field.

The most notable need is the pink parallel which I would love to get for my October Pink month.

So far I have the base, sabremetric back, foilboard, gold, snow camo, and the black.

What do you think about the moves your teams made yesterday?

Do you think the Pirates gave up too much for Chris Archer?


  1. Glasnow hasn't looked great in his limited time. He'll have no pressure with the Rays at all so maybe he'll get a bit better. Meadows is a nice player but who knows on potential ceiling. Archer is a proven guy I think at worst a 3 and at best a 1 so the idea is good and he's cheap for the next 3 or so years. I like that the Pirates are going for it after they got hot, shows they care about winning. My Phillies didn't do much, Asdrubal Cabrera, Wilson Ramos and Loup. That's it. Hope the guys they already have keeping playing well cause they'll have too.

  2. Very bold of the Pirates to go all in like this after they let the best years of their star generational player go to waste and traded him away.

    1. They tried to make big bold moves in 2013 and 2014. In 2013 they tried to acquire Stanton and Cishek for Marte, Cole, and PTBNL. In 2014 they were very much in on David Price, but the Tigers offer appealed to the Rays more.

      I am not too concerned with losing Meadows. He is a good player, maybe a future All-Star. Losing the potential of Glasnow is what stings the most, but the reality is that through 2 years Glasnow hasn't proven himself to be that superstar ace (either starting or relief) yet.