Saturday, August 25, 2018

Needed to recharge the batteries....

I have tried to blog daily, but for the past few weeks I have missed a few days.  Life has just gotten in the way.   On top of that I haven't been buying much in terms of Cutch cards.  I have really enjoyed looking at my collection especially the Heritage cards.  

I have actually bought a few low numbered Pirates Heritage cards recently, one of which I took advantage of some great eBay savings. 

Looking back at my Heritage collection has really recharged the batteries for my collection.

Pardon the pun you are about to see...

Al Kaline (not alkaline) and Cutch on a 1966 style punchboard.  


  1. These are neat. Always reminded me of the punch game on Price Is Right.

  2. I'm recharging my batteries today. One of my favorites things to do in my free time is read card blogs and see cool cards like this one.