Thursday, July 25, 2019

2019 Prizm

I thought it be fun to show off all my parallels from 2019 Prizm.  Prizm is my favorite unlicensed baseball product and I missed the past 4 years of there not being any Prizm product to add to my collection.

In my opinion, Prizm is better than Topps Chrome.

I will start off with the big one.
That is the 2019 Prizm Black Infinite 1/1

Below are all the others

So many awesome parallels with colors ranging from red to cosmic haze to orange donuts. 
Above are the snake skin (/50), Navy Blue Kaleidoscope (/35), and Plaid (/25)


  1. I haven't seen these yet. Not bad. The parallel names always amuse me.

    1. Lime Green Donuts and Zebra Skin are two of my favorites that i still dont have.

  2. Black Prizm's never go out of style!