Thursday, July 11, 2019

Joe Maddon, the Mad Scientist Pt3

Joe Maddon is often regarded for his unorthodox ways of managing.

According to 2018 Topps Heritage High Number, Maddon employed one of the craziest shifts ever when he recruited Andrew McCutchen to play three different infield positions for the Cubs in 2018.
This is what the error version looks like up close.  The front is identical to his traditional base card.

Unlike in the past where you had to look super close for the code in the bottom right hand corner of the card to identify if it is an error, Topps is making it "slightly" easier by placing the word error in the top left corner by the numbering.
Can you see it better?

Thanks for sparing our eyes Topps.

Now if anyone is wondering what the back cartoon was supposed to say, it should have looked like this...


  1. Topps is just cheating now. An on-purpose error? It's interesting but also ridiculous.

  2. Like Chris... I've got mixed emotions about this. On one hand... I'm glad I don't have to strain my eyes to figure out if I have a SP. On the other hand, on-purpose errors seem a little silly.

  3. I miss the days of real error cards like in Pro Set. Today's error cards and Sp cards are too insane.