Friday, July 12, 2019

Pops Hat Patch and Rookie Card

It's my dad's birthday today.  I have always called him dad, but my brother (because of his strange Speed Racer fandom) always called him Pops.  I joke with my dad that my younger brother has aged him more than I ever did.

Happy 60th Dad!

Here are my Pops and Cutch cards in my collection.
This is a 2019 hat patch of Willie Stargell aling with some arm sleeve piping from a Spring Training jersey.  The card is Star Wars Day numbering (4 of 5).
Topps Heritage has used the combo of Cutch with Pops A LOT

Topps Museum has also paired these Steel City legends up often.

And to wrap things up are a few more Steel City MVPs with other Fan Favorite Pirates of yesteryear on Triple Threads

I also finally added a long standing want by picking up a Willie Stargell rookie card for $40.
The card is in decent shape for vintage and the front displays very well
The back is a little rough.


  1. Happy Birthday to your dad! This is an incredible batch of cards. The first one has some nice swatches for an unlicensed brand (one I've never heard of, btw)

    The Museum Collection booklet is my favorite here. I love the jumbo lumber swatches. It's hard to find a player I like at a decent price though, the only one I have is Carl Crawford.

    Also, when is your "Save The Boobies" event? I just found out one of my favorite lovely ladies has breast cancer :(

  2. I call my father "dad" and "pops". His birthday is coming up, but he's way older than your dad. Maybe I'll honor him with a "Pops" card too.

    1. P.S. Hope your father enjoys his special day!

  3. I never realized that there were so many Clemente and Stargell relics out there, and this sure is one heck of an assortment!