Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Allen & Ginter pt6 Misc 1/1s (plates and vaults)

To wrap up my week long post of my Allen & Ginter Cutch Collection I am going to show off all my other A&G 1/1s. 

First up the plates
I still have a reward fee for pointing me in the direction of the 2014 Magenta Plate
Oddly enough, all my other plates from Allen & Ginter are the magenta plates.

I only have one blank back from Topps Vault.

It is from 2010 and features the black borders of Max Poser, Andrew McCutchen, and Joey Votto minis uncut.

And Finally, the Mini Glossy 1/1 from 2017


  1. Framed printing plates look so awesome! Best of luck in getting the 2014 magenta plate.

  2. Are the mini glossy very clearly "glossy"? I have the '19 Tino coming, but don't think I've ever seen a glossy in person.

    1. The look is tough to distinguish in a top loader, but the feel is VERY noticeable