Tuesday, July 16, 2019

CSA Show Pickups

I wasn't really in the mood to sit through and look at all the boxes. I just wasn't feeling very interested in cardboard Sunday.

When looking at the number of unorganized boxes to try and sift through I lost interest in finding gems that could have been hidden.  I think it's because my sugar levels were goofed up. I should have grabbed a Snickers.

I did manage to find two new Cutch cards for the collection though.

2016 Topps Museum Primary Pieces.

The image used by Topps in the right corner is from Cutch's 1,000 career hit.

I also got a 2019 Topps Series 2 Gold /2019.

All in all I didn't get much, but did have fun with my brother and niece.
The Trevor Williams auto ran me $2. This is the first time I attended the show and spent less money than the cost of a blaster.  There's one both that is loaded with oddball Clemente stuff and I managed to pass up everything there. 


  1. It's amazing to me that you can go to shows and find new Cutch cards!

    1. I was thinking the exact same thing!

    2. Cutch has over 5,000 cards produced which includes all the 1/1s and those pesky printing plates/blank back vault cards.

  2. I thought about snacks I had in the cabinet for a day and a half and still left 'em home when I went to the show. So I was bleary eyed by the time I left too. I always hate to cut into my shopping time by breaking for lunch, even though there are several choices on the other end of the parking lot at Chantilly.