Monday, July 15, 2019

Free is for me

EBay offered a coupon for $3 off any purchase of $3.01 or more.

Here is what I scored

It cost me only 26 cents to add to my collection and is going to help jump start my Iron Fist trading card collection.  The card design is meant to resemble the early 90s card designs by Impel. 

Iron Fist and Heroes For Hire were some of my favorite comics.  After looking at prices of parallels and the number of cards that Iron Fist has on the market, I thought he would be a fun character to collect without breaking the bank.

He appears in card sets every decade since his 70s debut and has a wealth of great artists who have worked on the character.

This Kaare Andrews autograph is signed in gold pen. Kaare has a terrific signature and was the writer/artist for Iron Fist:The Living Weapon miniseries. 

I recently signed up for the Marvel Unlimited app where you can read digital copies of nearly every Marvel comic from the 60s to 2018.  It's a great way to kill time on break at work and for only $10 a month it is totally worth it.

I have picked up a few other nonsports cards recently too.  I will show them off in the near future.


  1. That's a cool homage to the 1991 set, so much brighter which to me equals better.

  2. Man I love the Impel Marvel Universe cards from the early 90's. I'm not a big comic book guy, but I learned a lot from reading the card backs.

  3. I thought about trying to collect all of these Marvel autos a few years ago, but I was just working on too many other things at the time, and until your post, I had forgotten all about them!

    By the by, did you ever see the Iron Fist show (I think it was a Netflix thing?), if so, what did you think about it?