Thursday, July 4, 2019

Happy 4th of July with a "1/1"

I haven't been posting nearly as much as I used to over the past few weeks. For the first two years of this blog I averaged a post every day, but lately I have been posting only once every two days.  The reason for this is a few things. First, I just haven't found much inspiration in baseball lately.  Outside of Josh Bell, Bryan Reynolds, and Kevin Newman there hasn't been much to root for from the Pirates.  Second, the McCutchen injury has hurt my lack of interest in the Phillies. Third, I have been getting back into comic books.

I had a whole plan to celebrate America's Independence this week with a bunch of America themed posts....
But, quite honestly with as hot as it, I didn't feel like going through my cardboard and scanning.

Tonight I will be at OceanFest in New Jersey watching fireworks and partaking in some adult beverage selections.  It is one way to celebrate America.

Another way is the Indepence Day parallels that Topps has provided us with over the past few years.  This year the stars and stripes are even more relevant and pop more than last year's muted design.
The back of this card in particular is pretty awesome as it is numbered 17/76.  That's the year America truly became independent and united.

God Bless America!
Land that I love


  1. That's one great looking card!!

  2. That card is awesome. It looks perfect. I haven't seen any of these prior to you posting, but they are definitely sharp.

  3. Wow... you hit the jackpot with the serial numbering on that card! Hope you enjoyed your 4th.