Wednesday, July 17, 2019

A New 1/1 Sketch

Wednesday is the day new comic books get released so I will try to save Wednesdays for art related cards whether it is a sketch card of Cutch or some nonsports comic release style card.

To kick things off, here is my latest sketch card of Cutch

2019 Series 2 sketch card by Juan Rosales

I also have a Series 1 sketch by Juan that pictures him in a Yankees uniform.

You can see the original post of That Yankees sketch here.


  1. Beautiful sketches! These two pair up nicely!

    1. I contacted Juan and specifically asked for a Phillies one to look similar to the Yankees he had done for me. I love the red pinstripes and blue "P" in background.

    2. Oh that totally makes sense. Now all you need is a Pirates (and I guess Giants) sketch to go with these.

  2. I really like those sketches. Cool cards.