Thursday, August 15, 2019

I Got My Eleanor

Holy $#*+!

After 5 years of coming close to landing this SP photo variant of Andrew McCutchen's 2014 Topps Opening Day release I have finally gotten it in hand.

Nate from the blog Bucs Stops Here hooked me up with this unicorn like card.

I told Nate this card was akin to Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds to me.  I had come close on two occasions to acquiring it, but could never actually get it in my hands.

A day went by while he searched to verify he did in fact have the card.  I sat patiently waiting, not knowing what it would be like to actually get possession of this card I have coveted for 5 years.

Then I got this...
Nate being a class act didn't even hold me hostage for the outlandish price that I was offering to get this card.
I sent Nate a package in return for the card and also sent $50 PayPal for the finder's fee.  He claimed it The Most Epic Trade
The link will show sime of the highlights. Below is what I sent him to open. 

Here are the variant, base, and blue parallel

The photo variant has a code of 8969
The base is  8491

Thank you for the card Nate.  I am so glad I can finally cross this card off the needs list. I'm glad you enjoyed the package I sent you.
Man I am pumped about having this in hand finally after all these years.


  1. I didn't realize that Opening Day had photo variations. Congrats to you both. You for getting the card, and to Nate for cleaning up without asking for it.

    1. The photo variants are pretty tough pulls.

    2. Congratulations on acquiring your Eleanor! And wow... you didn't hold back on showing your appreciation. Those were some sweet cards you sent his way!

  2. Nice pickup, and great reference. I haven't seen that movie in a long time, but I remember enjoying it.

  3. I picked up on the Elenor reference right away. The original "Gone In 60 Seconds" movie was written and directed by a guy in my hometown. When the Nick Cage version was released, my local theater had the original Elenor on display!

    1. I got a two pack of the original and Nic Cage version on DVD. It was one of the first DVDs I ever bought.

  4. You and Nate are prime examples of how the hobby is overflowing with generous collectors helping each other out. That was a sick haul you sent him, but there's nothing like acquiring that ultra-rare card for your player PC. Congrats!