Thursday, August 29, 2019


I was watching a rerun of Expedition Unknown on Discovery Channel and learned that Thursday is named after the Norse God of Lightning, Thor.

I have always enjoyed watching the baseball version of Thor pitch so I have been picking up a few autographs of his over time.  It's nothing really special, but I do like having a small bit of variety to my PC besides just Collecting Cutch with some Clemente, Bettis, and Morton sprinkled in.

I am starting the PC not because he has a cool nickname (although that helps).

It clearly isn't for any rooting interest of my home team either (although the Mets are much closer geographically than Pittsburgh)
It's partially because I think building a side PC of a guy on my mom's favorite team could be fun since I really don't see her much anymore and looking at a stack of Mets cards from time to time could bring back some of the good memories we had.

I only have one rookie of Thor.  It is a pack pulled Chrome Prism Refractor.

Are there any PCs you are building that people don't know about?


  1. That prism refractor is awesome. Didn’t know this about you - thanks for the post!

  2. Nope. Ive dabbled in a few Yankees prospects, but I don’t have the heart to do it.

  3. I've been collecting Buster Posey cards for a few years. I haven't published it on my website... but I'm sure I've mentioned it on my blog.

  4. Pretty funny to announce this mini-collection right after he gives up ten runs in a start.

    1. I know. Hoping after that start people will be willing to part with their cards after that career worse start.