Tuesday, August 20, 2019

They Call Me MelloYellow

Being a supercollector can be exhausting and frustrating.  It is almost like an addiction.  On one hand you have the mentality of "I need every card possible", the reality is you can't have them all.  This is especially true if you collect a player that is one of the top 100 players in the game and has played for teams with loyal fan bases like the Yankees, Giants, and Phillies. Did I mention that he was the face of the Pirates franchise for nearly a decade?

Andrew McCutchen may not have all the hype of guys like Acuna, Alonso, Tatis Jr, Guerrero Jr, or Trout but trust me when I say that he is collected and has a VERY LOYAL following of collectors.

I have made some trades with other Cutch collectors and have bought large collections from guys that sold their Cutch cards after the Pirates traded him to San Francisco last year.

That being said there are at least two other collectors of Cutch that have been buying up his stuff lately.  One I was told has unlimited funds and has purchased a card for $100 more than a copy of it that sold the day before.
Now the pictures used by the seller may have influenced one being sold too much and one being sold too little, but that is a huge discrepancy for a 24 hour difference of basically the same card.
I am not going to buy new releases of Cutch in a team's uniform I'm not even a fan of for double or triple prices just to cross something off a list.  The Red Tribute /10 auto is probably a $40-$50 card.  Definitely not $133. If these other collectors want to battle?

Have fun!

I am sitting on several hundred cards that I have never shown off here ranging from high end autographs and 1/1s to base cards.

With getting 3 of my top 5 cards on my want list in the past few months, I am going to decide to lay low for a bit to not get into bidding wars with other collectors while they are being in my eyes too aggressive buying recent cards of the former MVP.

I'm sure some of you may remember the chaos that occurred a few years ago when a pair of collectors were battling each other for Omar Vizquel and Andres Gallaraga cards.  Some 1/1s were going for thousands of dollars.  I am not prepared for that $#*+.

Call me chicken.
Call me yellow.

Call me what you will, but I'm out of this madness for awhile until it settles down.

Today's post features just 5 of the 1/1s I have never shown off before.  They are all yellow printing plates, a fitting color for my recent admission to get out of buying new cards.  Of the five shown off today, the only one that has been bought recently was the Tristar Elegance pictured above.  I won it in June for only $9.99, before one of the other Cutch collectors resurfaced.


  1. I'd say you're making the right decision to lay low and avoid the bidding madness for a while. If you have any 1/1s you're not particularly attached to, maybe now would actually be a good time to put them up for auction!

  2. Unlimited funds sounds fun. Dude you've got the sweetest player pc around... so at this point you could quit buying up Cutch cards and retire... and still have a dope collection. My philosophy is do what you want to do... and collect how you wanna collect. It'll make the hobby a happier place.

    1. I'm far from retiring, but I am definitely going to scale back to let these other knuckleheads pay more than what they're worth.

  3. Yeah, bidding wars can just be dangerous, slippery slopes. Avoid when possible. Fuji said it best. Collect how you want to collect.

  4. Cutch as a lefty look fun in the printing plate.

    Who is the high roller with unlimited funds?!

    1. I've been told he is a doctor and can be seen on eBay with m***r as his viewable ID. He comes and goes with crazy buying habits. When he is in buyer mode, might as well forget about trying to win any auctions.

      There is a handful of us out there who focus on Cutch. Based on what others say my collection has the most quantity. Others focus on getting specific runs of cards, ie only collect Topps Chrome Superfractors or only Dynasty patch autos or stuff like that.

      As for the "lefty" Cutch plate, any chrome style surface card has reverse printing plates produced. I am not sure why only the chrome ones have that, but base cards have traditional plates similar to the end result product.