Monday, August 12, 2019

Just Win Baby

I can not believe the kind of baseball the Pirates have been playing since the All-Star break.  The team looked to be a serious contender for the division during the first few weeks of the year when the starting rotation was throwing up a bunch of zeroes through the first three weeks of the year.

Then injuries started to happen and they slid back to reality and in a very clustered and talented NL Central standings.

At the All-Star Break they were just a few games back from a Wild Card berth and looked to potentially be a buyer at the trade deadline.

Then the All-Star Break happened and it has been nothing but losing since.

That is the Pirates record since the All-Star break.

4 WINS!!!

Their winning percentage is .142 since the break.

I legit haven't seen baseball this bad in a very long time and that's with a team that had 2 DECADES OF SUB .500 BASEBALL!

When the Pirates win a game, announcer Greg Brown says "Raise The Jolly Roger".  This is a reference to Pirate ships hoisting their colors after approaching a ship requesting their surrender or risk the fate of death.

It has been over a week since the Pirates have raised the Jolly Roger so I am posting all my Andrew McCutchen relic cards featuring the Jolly Roger Pirates logo sleeve patch.

Here's hoping they do better than continue at a .142 pace the rest of the year.