Saturday, August 3, 2019

Trade Deadline Aftermath

On Tuesday night I finalized a deal to trade one of my Andrew McCutchen 1/1s to another McCutchen collector.

The card I gave up was this 1/1 Laundry Tag autograph from 2018 Topps Dynasty.

I have purchased a bunch of cards from him in the past and he is trying to complete the set of 1/1s from Dynasty.  After he received my copy that brought him to 3 of the potential 5 1/1s from this product.

I told him I would part with my 1/1 in exchange for another copy of AM3.  I have a copy of the other 4 versions and wanted to keep a set of the 5 versions.

So what did the 1/1 gold version land me?

Another 1/1!
(Keeps my 1/1 tracker total complete)

This is a 2018 Archives Signature Series
Buyback 2016 Bunt

If you aren't familar with Archives Signature Series, Topps uses cards from their vault that they label as buybacks.  They stamp the card with a year and certified autograph in a corner of the card then get the athlete to sign the card which is placed in a one touch magnetic holder and sealed with a unique tamper proof sticker.

In addition to the Bunt auto, I also got a copy of the AM3 (base numbered to 10 copies) to help keep the set complete.

Quality for Quantity (with Quality)

On a related note, the person I made this trade with won an auction for the 4th of 5 photo variants 1/1s yesterday. Shortly after the auction he sent a text saying he got it.  I would love to help him get the missing one.


  1. That's awesome to hear about two collectors who happen to collect the same guy... helping each other out.

  2. That's a big-time trade! Can't say that I've ever heard of collectors exchanging 1/1's before, pretty cool of you to help him out like that.

  3. That's terrific and selfless. Massive awesomeness points to you!

  4. Awesome story! I’m sure it wasn’t easy to trade a Cutch 1/1.

    1. It wasn't easy but I have probably bought a dozen or more cards from him in the past that he has cut me breaks on so it is totally worth giving up the 1/1 especially since he is trying to put together the set.