Friday, November 24, 2017

Black Friday Shopping?

I have no problem shopping on Black Friday nor do I feel any sympathy for those retail workers.  That might sound harsh, but I work in the Supermarket business and every year before Thanksgiving I am working close to 10 days straight of 10-14 hour days with an hour commute each way.  I deserve this, is what I tell myself each year.

Don't get the wrong impression though.

Here's how it usually goes down.  I shop at midnight until about 4am.  Fall asleep and go into a mini coma until it's time to return to work on Sunday.

One thing that I have been enjoying for the past several years is seeing if Andrew McCutchen is in Panini's Black Friday set release.
The 2012 is my favorite of the bunch

With the exception of 2014, Cutch has been in every release since 2012.

I still need a lot of the parallels that I hope to add over the next few months as prices for these are very low right now.


  1. I didn't see Cutch in this year's checklist, but I didn't look too hard either. There are a few Packers I'd chase in this year's set, but for the most part I've been really turned off by the Panini products this year. Exclusivity sucks. I did just do my annual COMC shopping and shipping. Good luck with the chase! And enjoy the time off.

  2. I didn't do any. I spent all of my funds shipping out prizes.

    But I do love me some Black Friday cards from panini. They always put together solid

  3. The only thing I really had on my Black Friday wishlist was a new iPhone, but Target was sold out at the 3 different locations I went to. I did end up buying a few things on COMC in hopes of getting free shipping, but I'm still 5 cards short. I'll try to find some stuff later on.