Friday, February 9, 2018

0 for 10, but still a victory

My job had recently hired 10 new associates to fill some holes in the store.  Zero of them are left.  We terminated half of them and the other half determined that this wasn't a career they wanted to continue.  Oh well, back to the drawing board.

About a month ago I saw a deal that was too good to pass up.  8 prerookie cards of Cutch were listed for $6.99 with $3 shipping.

There was ZERO time wasted in my haste to hit the buy it now.  While I technically didn't need any of the cards, I couldn't let these go for $10 to anyone else.

Here's the lot as a whole
The card on the 2nd row is a SP photo variant that I only had one copy of graded.  I had been wanting to get an ungraded version for my binder.  Mission accomplished.

The SP photo version usually goes for about $7 delivered by itself.

The mahogany Bowman Heritage is another card that can sell for about $10 by itself.

None of the other cards command value by themselves to just flip, but most sell for $3-$6 no problem.

I didn't need these, but I felt for $10 it was still a victory.
Anyone need a Cutch prerookie card?


  1. I worked in a grocery store during college and that pretty much summed up the personnel turnover. I feel bad for retail managers in college towns.

  2. I found a Bowman Heritage mini of Cutch in a dimebox a few months ago. Did I get a good deal?

  3. Hell yeah you did. That's a solid $10 card

  4. 0 for 10 sucks... but 8 for $9.99 is amazing!