Friday, February 16, 2018

What once was Lost (Collector's)

The always awesome AJ, author of the Lost Collector sent me a bodacious gnarly package that really was fresh.

You might have read that first sentence and thought you entered a time loop back to the 80s.

Well, AJ being the bomb dope fresh friend that he is sent me this 1983 Andrew McCutchen insert using the 1983 design.

It's bad to the bone.

Well the back is actually bad...

You see there's a tiny little lie on the back.

Andrew didn't hit a Grand Slam against the Giants on July 24th.  He hit a 3 run homer and drove in another run. No Grand Salami tho.

AJ didn't stop with the 80s theme with just Cutch though, he sent Clemente cards from 1982

And 2 from 1987

That's 3 pieces of cardboard over 30 years old!!!  The dude has lost his mind.  I about had a cow when I saw those...

Ok, if you want to learn about all the fun words we said in the 80s, click here.  It's a fun trip down memory lane.

AJ also sent a smorgasbord of Tyler Glasgow cards.  If the Pirates are to be a respectable competitive franchise for the next few years, Glasnow must emerge as a top of rotation talent that he was predicted to be.

To wrap things up, AJ sent me some more Cutch cards I needed for the PC.  The Opening Day insert and Blue Legends in the Making are both new additions to go with the 1983 that he sent me.

AJ thank you so much.  You should be gettin a care package your way next week.


  1. Glad I could help. One of my blasters was a Cutch hot box.

  2. Flippin' Topps! Can't trust a word they write on their card backs ;)