Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Gold At End of The Rainbow

Rainbows in cardboard form are cool.

Recently I showed a red refractor for 2017 Bowman Best that I purchased a few months ago.  What I failed to mention at the time of that post was the rainbow I recently completed relating to that card.

The last card I needed to complete the rainbow was gold, how fitting right?  Needing gold for the end of the rainbow.  Well, that's how the delivery schedule from the post office turned things out.

Here's the 9 card rainbow I have for 2017 Bowman Best.

Top row:
Atomic, Refractor, Base

Middle row:
Purple/250, Green/99, Gold /50

Bottom row:
Orange /25, Red /10, Superfractor 1/1

And let's look closer at that Superfractor



  1. Beautiful. I know some people count Printing Plates as part of a rainbow. Do you not count them, or were there just none produced in this set?

    Obviously adding four more 1-of-1s would be a pain, but I'm curious.

  2. Awesome rainbow! I've got the orange for you. It's numbered 22/25. When I saw it, I thought you'd like it.

    1. Frickin awesome!!! I'm looking for as many 22/xx as possible. That's so awesome of you.

  3. Congratulations on the completion! I always like the way the rainbows look when all the cards are together.