Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Something Edgy

I was really looking forward to seeing Christina Hendricks in a new TV series and while she didn't disappoint, the show has a cancelled after one season feel to it.

That's ok.  I'm watching it for 1 reason, well two but the details are not worth talking about.

The show is off to an interesting start.

While watching, I was thinking "what could push me over the edge to break one of the golden commandments? "

I honestly can't think of anything unless my life was literally in danger.
I chose to show off one of my newest pickups, a die cut Chrome jersey relic from 2014 numbered to only 25 copies.  It's a great looking card with a refractor look and lots of edge.

So based on Good Girls theme, if you had an extra $30K what would you use it on?


  1. Wow die cut and a jersey and a refractory finish?! Sign me up.

  2. As much as I'd like to say put it in the bank and eventually use it to purchase an investment property.... I'm thinking about buying a new card. 30k would get me more than halfway towards a new Acura TLX I'm considering purchasing.