Friday, February 2, 2018

National Red Day part deux

Similar to my Save The Boobies event, I enjoy showcasing cards that bring awareness to diseases that effect women.  The first Friday of every February is National Wear Red Day.

Last year, my first year of this blog, I showed all the red parallels I owned through February 1st 2017.  Click here to see all 58 red cards I owned to that point.

Since then I have added quite a few more.

In addition to those 9 parallels I added more parallels to one of my yearly favorite releases (Diamond Kings).   I don't know why, but I love Diamond Kings.  Even without logos the cards look great!
Continuing with 2017 releases I have two of the Gold Label red parallels.

I also grabbed not 1

Not 2
Not 3

But 4 red 1/1s

I also grabbed some older parallels from year's past
This 2016 Gypsy Queen mini is numbered to only 5 copies

As is this Bowman Chrome Mini

And this 2013 Bowman Chrome graded PSA10

And this 2015 Finest Generations


Oh, there's a few more reds numbered to 25 copies I snagged too?  How could I forget?
2009 Topps Chrome (rookie card) jersey numbered 22/25

2010 Topps Chrome T206 10/25

And if that wasn't enough, I also got this mini numbered to 50 copies featuring an awesome image of Cutch on a framed Gypsy Queen mini.


  1. Damn dude. Your 1/1s are the best. The Infinite Red is a bit trippy.

  2. Seeing lots of red. Great stuff.