Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Finest Pun

When I see a card I need pop up with a bad grade, I consider not purchasing it.

I put a feeler bid in for it anyway...

And ended up winning this 2011 Topps Finest Gold refractor for $14 shipped.

It's still mint and the subs suggest that it has potential to be upgraded to a 9.5 since it got 2x9.5s and 2x9s.

A gold label would have looked a lot better with this gold refractor instead of the silver label.


  1. Nice! Do you buy a lot of graded Cutch cards?

    1. Prob about 20 or so. I'd love to get all flagship in psa 10s

  2. I sometimes use the lower grades as a nice way to get a discount on an expensive card. I've bought a few 8's over the years and popped those suckers right out of their silver coffin. Very liberating experience.

  3. I recently picked up a graded card with a low grade... but I knew from the moment I bid on it that I'd pop it out if I won the auction.

  4. I don't always believe the grade sometimes. I have a couple of griffeys I see no flaws with that are 7s