Saturday, February 17, 2018

Cardboard Cameos #7 : Unsolved Mysteries

When I saw the opportunity to purchase this gold /10 5x7 Topps Online card for under $8, I knew I had to act quick.

I don't buy many of the 5x7 cards except for a few of the Golds that I really like and any that are exclusive to the site like how Fire was in 2014.

Something about this card screams to me Unsolved Mysteries.

I can imagine Robert Stack's voice discussing how the Pittsburgh Pirates were celebrating another playoff berth and for 3 seasons (2013 - 2015) they had the second most wins in all of baseball.

It would go on to discuss how guys like Lance Berkman, Carlos Beltran, and Matt Holiday regained their form to become pivotal players in the deaths of all Pirates fans dreams.  How a young man, Michael Wacha, would become a hero in a city the same day he became a villain in another.  It would discuss how two men single handily killed 80K Pirates fans (playoff hopes) in 2 years by shutting down the team (MadBum and Jake Arrieta).

It would talk about how these 3 Pittsburgh fan favorites would all but disappear shortly after this image was caught.

Yes the team who had just won 98 games in 2015 and had 4 prospects in the top 100 entering the 2016 season (Meadows, Taillon, Glasnow, Bell) would go on to have a pair of losing seasons before the face of the franchise, the man simply known as Cutch, would leave westward the same as the last Face of Franchise we had.

So this Unsolved Mystery ends with the simple question

I think David Freese said it perfectly the other day. 

I will leave you with this image once more.


  1. Thanks a lot. Seeing Stacks face won't help me sleep tonight :p

  2. I picked up a few of the 5x7s too. They are sort of a pain to store.

  3. I've been asking myself the same thing about my beloved A's since the early 90's.